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Product Information
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3-year warranty.
Includes software upgrades and analysis/technical support.
Separate Potentiometer Device
WinMDX Software
Test and ground electrodes with cables - eight (8) C-type Alkaline Batteries
Containers for saline and Q-tips (saline not shipped w/ device)
10 reusable ground sponges
Master Copies of all exam forms
Operating manuals and training video
Control: Custom ASIS digital logic controller.
Two LCD Displays: Stimulus Output 1" X 2", Response Potentiometer 1" x 4"
Three Outputs: 5 Hz, 250 Hz and 2000 Hz each with waveforms and modulations covered by foreign and U.S. patents.
Output Maximum: 9.99 mA / 50 Volts.
Resolution Measurement: Non-Stepped Gradient.
Device Features: Audible Function Changes, Power On, Test Modality, Automatic Calibration, Auto Low Power Warning/Flashing Red Light, Auto Power-up at 250 Hz frequency setting.
Two Electrodes: One single large common ground 4" X 4", second gold tip electrode with disposable fiber saline impregnated.
Potentiometer: Conductive plastic with less than 1% dynamic noise measuring total amplitude of millivoltage and combined action potential and sub-threshold potential.
Response graphic display and computer printed hardcopy capable.
United States Clearances: FDA Class II device. Prototype granted Safe & Effective FDA marketing clearance December 1, 1997.
European Union Class - I with CE mark.